Pantone Capture the Screen Printing Tool

The Pantone Capture is a tool to control your variables in Screen Printing. It gives you the affirmation that you prepare or print consistency the right pantone color. More about Screen Print Variables and their tools you find here It is very helpful in detection clients color too, if you receive only a [...]

Pantone Lighting Indicator – Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute

A common error to look at colors, are the wrong light conditions. Pantone came up with the simple tool Pantone Lighting Indicator. It simple shows, if the light conditions are right or wrong. How many time we see clients are complaining, the screen printed color is not right...did they see [...]

Hygrometer & Thermometer, why it’s so important in Screen Printing

Screen Printer Tools Lesson #1 Thermometer & Hygrometer We use Tools in Screen Printing to control our variables , This is additional information to How to screen print like a Professional Hygrometer Is an instrument used for measuring the water-vapor (humidity) content of the atmosphere. They are essential tools used [...]