Beer o’ Clock” by ChilliIsland: Dodos Declare It’s Time for a Brew!

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Hey there, ChilliIsland enthusiasts! We’ve got something that’ll tickle your funny bone! Introducing our classic and somehow hilarious design – the ‘Beer o’ Clock’ tee. Wondering what time it is to drink beer? The Dodos on this shirt have figured it out for you!

Yes, you read that right! This unique ‘Made In Mauritius’ design showcases our iconic Dodos, but with a twist – they’re sipping beer and having a blast. A perfect blend of humor and style, this t-shirt is a reminder of the chilled vibes and fun times Mauritius is known for.

‘Beer o’ Clock’ from ChilliIsland is not just another one of those t-shirts. It’s a statement. A statement that no matter the hour, it’s always a good time for a bit of fun (and maybe a beer).

Grab yours and let everyone know the Dodo-approved time to unwind and enjoy!

Now available Ligne Turquoise in Tamarin and Highlights Boutik Grand Bay!

#ChilliIsland #BeerOClock #MadeInMauritius 🍻🕔🦤

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