Screen Printing Problem Solving on Fleece

Problem Solving on FLEECE – 11 Tips Screen Printing

Screen Print Problem Solving

# on Fleece

Screen Printing on Fleece is not always easy, but if we follow some basic rules, it will be easy to handle it and you want do any misprints anymore. Just try them out and see, how easy it is.

#1 Lint Pick up Screen

On Fleece we have a lot of Lint, what can needs to be removed before printing on it. By automatic printing machine, we use a lint pick up screen. Spray some table gum on a teflon sheet, place it under the first print head screen and print with a roller squeegee. The lint will  stick to the screen and your print area is lint free.

Lint up pick up frame with teflon reduce fleece print problemsclass=”” id=””] Roller squeegee, to press the garment down

#2 Lay down the Fluff

On Fleece we have sometimes some fluff, with a Roller Squeegee you will be able to lay it down but furthermore you will press your Fleece on the pallet, what will improve your registration. A Roller Squeegee, should be always used by printing fleece.


#3 Transparent layer of ink

Lay down a transparent layer of ink, to keep the fluff down.

Printing problems on fleece, lay down transparent ink layerMesh Count for fleece printing

#4 Proper mesh choice

Proper Mesh choice is important for Fleece, as you need to get a good amount of ink down, think about S type mesh for the under base. As it have a bigger mesh opening.


#5 Reduced pressure

To keep a better registration, reduce the pressure on the squeegee.

Pressure Gauge Fleece PrintingPolyester pre-shrink the garment first

#6 Polyester

If you have a amount of Polyester in the Garment, pre-shrink it first.


#7 Stokes used

Limit the amount of stokes used, don’t double stroke every thing, keep it simple and use less strokes.

Squeegee Stroke

#8 Paint-roller

Use a Paint Roller to deposit the table gum, you need a lot of it!


#9 Pallet tape

Use Pallet tape, as it absorb water from table gum and gives the table gum a better grip and it helps that the table gum does not stick to the garment.

Pallet Tape Roll ImageFlash Cure Image

#10 Avoid flash

Use your flash cure, as little as possible, helps keeping registration and you Fleece does not shrink and prevent agains migration.


#11 Blocker/antimigration

Use a Blocker/antimigration Ink as Under Base, to prevent of migration problems. Use a under-base like PRINTPERFEKT AM 1 .

Blocker ink Image


This 11 Tips will help you to control screen print on Fleece, easy!

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