Tet Screen Printing Tools, Lesson 1

Hygrometer & Thermometer, why it’s so important in Screen Printing

Screen Printer Tools Lesson

#1 Thermometer & Hygrometer

We use Tools in Screen Printing to control our variables, This is additional information to
How to screen print like a Professional



Is an instrument used for measuring the water-vapor (humidity) content of the atmosphere.
They are essential tools used to monitor relative humidity levels throughout our screen department.



 Image of Hygrometer to improve screen printing

When printing Water Based Ink, you will need to know the humidity you have. For your Darkroom, it’s a must have Tool, to control the humidity of your dry emulsion on the frame. Only a humidity level under 40% will give you a durable stencil, what will last in production.



Is a device that measures temperature.
It’s a essential tool used for visual confirmation of the temperature in our workshop.



Thermometer for screen printing Image

When printing Water Based Ink, you will need to know the temperature around. But even in your ink store room, you like to be sure, that the temperature is never to high or to low. Further information on storage conditions about your Ink you will find in the MSDS (MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET).

A must have Tool!


Thermometer & Hygrometer

For low as 15USD, you will find a digital unit, who have both units together and most of them show Max High and Max Low, this can help you to monitor your workplace, as at night the Temperature and Humidity will change, it’s prefect to control your Screen Printing Workshop.

It’ a must have Tool!

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Image


A Thermometer & Hygrometer are low Budget and a essential Tool, for any Screen Print Department, who is serious about Quality and Control.

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