Donut probe for screen printer

Donut Probe Screen Printing in 1 Minute

The Donut Probe is there to control our dryer temperature, from the beginning to the end.

In Screen Printing we need to control the proper temperature in our dryer. Only the Donut Probe will be able to show us at what time we reached the proper temperature for curing our screen printing ink.

When to use the Donut Probe;

1) To check the dryer Temperature from the inlet to the outlet

2) To spot faulty heat elements in the dryer, by mapping the dryer

3) to enssure that your ink get the proper temperature for the recommended time and please remember, water based ink and plastisol inks cure different.

Plastisol 160C (320F) is in time not the same to water based ink in time, water based screen printing ink takes longer,



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