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Worldwide # screen printing labels

Capable of performing as the competition beating run rate of 2000 impressions per hour, and cured without a dryer.

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Small in size, but big in speed.

The machine size is only 82cm for the one color version LP1, the LP4 just needs 33cm more.

A run rate of 2000 impressions per hour and printing clothing labels etc. that are printed and cured without a dryer!

Do you still print tag labels per hand or even use your old printing press? …or even pad printing for labels??

The founder Alexander Szyszko is 35 Year in this industry and saw that printing tag less shirts, the old way, we use to do; been not efficient or economical. How to make it a profit center, how to gain space, how to keep the cost low. Only the energy of a big automatic printing machine wasted, to  screen print small tag labels is hug.

We have the solution for you.

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to countries sold
Prints a Hour
days of experience
cups of coffee

Printing here Labels for Shirts

We did 1200pc Tag Labels a Hour, just 2 person,

in a corner of a Room!

Incredible Fast: The Proof Is, Production Speed

ASPE Label Printing Machine, have prove it so many times, quality of product, support you can trust and happy clients you can see.

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Adjust the squeegee pressure.

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Hight Density Flash Cure

Flash in seconds!

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Powerful Index System

Patented system

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Product Sensor

No shirt no print

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Color Touchscreen

Easy to understand

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Micro Registration

Precise setup

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Plug & Play Installation

  • Customizable Options

  • Diameter – 82-115cm

  • Shipping Weight 120-185Kg

  • Crate size 122x155x162.5cm

  • N. Frame Size 22cmx35.5cm

  • 110 or 220 Volt

  • Quality you can trust

  • Worldwide

  • Colors 1 – 4

  • Clean dry air

  • Flash Cures 2-3-3-4

  • Pneumatic Print Head

  • Index Speed Setup

  • Curing Time Setup

  • Squeegee Angle Adjustment

  • 90-110 psi

  • 35 Years of Experince

  • Micro Registration

  • Part Sensor

  • Servo Indexer

  • Touchscreen

  • Image Area 14x14cm

  • Adju. Stroke & flood speed

  • Dwell set up

  • Operator Securitiy

  • Fully Optimized For Speed

You would like our support?

Custom Machines: What do you need?

Just give us a shout and we see, what can be done.

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Print Samples, Options, Options, Options

Only some samples of label printing…. did you know, you can print on Plastic too?

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1 Color Print

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2 Color Print

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3 Color Print

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Inside Shirt Print

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Patch Label

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Detail Printing

Not Enough? YEAH! The LP2XL!

Designed in first place for Tote Bags, as everybody wants them, as everybody needs them. 25x25cm print area, each head have a flash cure, no need to print wet on wet. Only the opportunity to print this tote bags is hug! Even the LP2XL printer is Plug & Play. What you are waiting for?

LP2XL Tode Bag Screen PrinterPrinter

Napkin Printer: YES YES YES.

Even for Napkins we have a Printer, just drop us a note, to know more.

User Review: We Love our Users, And They Love?

“We bought the 2 color printer from ASPE.”

It fully replace a M&R printing machine with a gas dryer, for our small print orders. Energy saving with a lot of speed, been our goal, we found it with the LP2, Director of TAMAK Mauritius” – Mr. Emmanuel Tsang Mang Kin

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