Screen Printing Info


Small in size, but big in speed.

The machine size is only 82cm for the one color version LP1, the LP4 just needs 33cm more.

A run rate of 2000 impressions per hour and printing clothing labels etc. that are printed and cured without a dryer!

Do you still print tag labels per hand or even use your old printing press? …or even pad printing for labels??

Worldwide # screen printing labels

Capable of performing as the competition beating run rate of 2000 impressions per hour, and cured without a dryer.

ASPE Printer Squeegee Regulator, speed when you need.

ASPE Printer Flash Cure,print and cure!

ASPE Printer have a Patented Index System

ASPE Printer Product Sensor, no Shirt no Print

ASPE Printer comes with TouchScreen

ASPE Printer with Micro Registration

Custom Machines: What do you need?

From printing napkins, bags too…..just ask, ASPE have a solution!

Only some samples of label printing…. did you know, you can print on Plastic too?

We support ASPE here in Mauritius and Madagascar

If you have any question, just let me know.