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Stefan MertesPERSONAL

Nationality : German

Sex & Age : Male 50 years

Marital Status : Married, two children

Languages & Dialects: German, English and basic French

Living: Mauritius




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For Screen Printing Supplies like
  • Vastex
  • CHT
  • Exile
  • Roq
  • ESC
  • Workhorse
  • ASPE
  • Murakami
  • T-Seps & T-Rip
  • Lotus
  • Questor
The company creates designs for T-Shirts and products, with a touch of humour and originality.
  • Webdesign
  • Template development
  • In charge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
ASPE is a manufacturer of printing machine. The company is an innovator of the smallest and fastest automatic screen-printing machine for small size screen-printing.
Sales Representative Responsibilities/Achievements
  • Achieve sales target
  • Give technical support to clients
  • Participate in FESPA Trade Show London 2013, Cologne 2015
The company provides a Mauritius Destination Portal under www.info-mauritius.com. It is today the biggest German speaking community about Mauritius with more than 1700 users daily online and with more then 9,000 Forum usern and 10,000 images online.
Owner, developer and manager Responsibilities/achievements

  • Create Website and update software
  • Administrator of forum
  • In charge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Chilliisland T-Print Limited Chilliisland T- Print Ltd (previously known as Mixed Prints) is a screen-printing company with a reputation of implementing the latest printing technics in Mauritius. The company is also a solution-provider and works closely with its clients to position themselves more competitively in the market in terms of innovative prints, designs and colors.

Owner and General Manager

  • Manage teams ranging from 6 to 40
  • Provide tailor made customer service and advice on designs, ink selection and special effect printing
  • Create and develop new designs and concepts for clients
  • In charge of ink preparation (opaque and transparent water base, plastisol, discharge and special effect inks)
  • Ability to handle different techniques of printing (Transfer Screen Printing, Automatic Printing, Manual ,All Over Table, Heat Transfer, Sublimation)
  • In charge of maintaining quality and standard of screen-printing
  • Responsible for color separation (Spot Color, CMYK, Simulated Process, Index Separation)
  • In charge of film output and screen preparation
  • In charge of repairs and maintenance of printing machines
  • Troubleshoot all technical printing issues and implement process to resolve and avoid same issues
  • Conversant with the following software – Photoshop, CorelDraw, FastRips, FastFilms, SimpleSeps and Word Office
  • Develop own brand of T-shirt
  • First one to introduce DGT printing in Mauritius
  • Receive pioneer status for the introduction of Transfer Litho printing in Mauritius
  • Implement and develop water transfer printing (Hydrographic)
  • Advisor to university students in screen printing projects
The company is a solutions-provider in screen print and Inkjet technology. The company has published book on printing and has developed tuitions and software on printing.

  • Handle the whole range of USPI products (Software, Books, Digital Printers, Ink Jet Films and Videos)
  • Translate the Software Handbook FastFilm to German
  • Attend international trade shows as a representative
  • Give phone support for German speaking clients
  • Act as a Beta tester for Software and Printers
An international clothing and accessories lifestyle company in Reunion Island, that has outlets in Reunion Island, France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Mauritius. The company creates its own concepts, designs and prints under its own brand Pardon.

Printer and business developer Responsibilities/Achievements

  • In charge of all the printing department
  • Develop and launch the screen printing unit in Mauritius
  • Manage the printing unit in Mauritius
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and solving screen printing production problems
  • Management of team with a hands- approach in all the steps and process in screen printing
  • Collaboration with fashion designers