Chilliisland New Hang Tag

In the golden glow of the Mauritian sun, we are weaving a new narrative. We, at ChilliIsland, have always prided ourselves on our quality t-shirts, tailored with the highest standards of comfort, style, and sustainability. Now, we’re taking an innovative stride to add an element of novelty and environmental advocacy to our products.

Introducing our new hang tags – but these are not just your regular tags. In our continual quest to marry fashion with consciousness, we have reimagined the concept of a hang tag to be more than just a label for our clothes. Now, they are also an emblem for change.

We’re proud to announce that each hang tag that comes with our ChilliIsland t-shirts is a sticker. Why a sticker, you may ask? It’s because we want our message to reach beyond the confines of our brand. We want it to stick anywhere, everywhere, and travel with you, spreading awareness and sparking conversations.

Every sticker hang tag on our future t-shirts will proudly promote the wordings “No to Pollution”. This isn’t just a statement – it’s a mantra, a commitment, a pledge we make and invite you to join. We’re turning our t-shirts into ambassadors of change, and through them, we aim to inspire everyone to act towards creating a cleaner, healthier world.

Crafted in Mauritius, each of our t-shirts embodies the spirit of the island – pristine, vibrant, and diverse. With our new sticker hang tags, we strive to preserve this spirit, the beauty of Mauritius, and indeed, of the entire Earth, by saying no to pollution.

At ChilliIsland, we’re not just making t-shirts; we’re crafting stories of change, threads interwoven with consciousness. Join us in this journey as we make a difference, one t-shirt at a time. Because every sticker that finds a new home is a step towards raising awareness and fostering a culture that vehemently says “No to Pollution”.

Make a style statement and take a stand with our new range of t-shirts, brought to life in Mauritius. Let’s adorn our world with conscious fashion and, together, pave the way for a pollution-free future.

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