Line Table Screen Printing & The Benefits

Line Table Screen Printing & The Benefits

We used at the time a hot air blower, as seen in the video. Some people still use Plastisol Ink, not the future ink today, but plastisol ink is build for automatic machines. Before we had water based ink only, then plastisol came up, to help automatic printing machines to print faster (short flash time), now water based ink is back and the technique with table printing is fantastic for Water Based Printing.

So more pallets you have, so more production you get. Just imagine 600 pallets and you move your way around, you could archive real production speed. Down site is space, you would need some…

Line Table Screen Printing

Line Table Benefits:

  1. A Single Person can print very fast with many tables.
  2. The best technique for Water Based Ink
  3. Low Tech, nothing what can brake down
  4. Low cost, compare to Rotary Printing Machine or Oval Printing Machine


  • For a high production line, you would need many tables and this needs space and then it get’s costly.

But what ever it is, never laugh about it, this can be serious production and for Water Base Ink perfect!

Here is a construction plan, how to build your own Line Table.





Line Table in small area space
Line Table Screen Printing


Line Table Press Printing looks like a old way of screen printing, but it’s a great way to print Water Base Inks and it's low cost to enter into screen printing.
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