CorelDraw for Screen Printer – Tips

CorelDraw Tipps Computer Artwork for Screen Printer

CorelDraw for Screen Printer – Tips

Today i Would like to show you a great Website from Alex Galvez.

He is showing on his Website CorelDrawTips , how to work with CorelDraw. As many Screen Printers like me, love CorelDraw, this Website will help you to work, by how-to Tutorials.

Why i love CorelDraw, ok at the first place, i start learning with it and the big thing today is. That we have for CorelDraw very nice tools (Plugins) for ScreenPrinter, what i will show in some coming posts. This Plugins, makes live much more simple. But today, as a start, Corel Draw Basic, Bookmark this Site and watch in simple steps how he does things. Very need and well explained.


Website for CorelDraw Beginner, with easy to understand Tutorials.

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