How to Screen Print like a Professional

How to screen print like a Professional

And what makes the difference, from a screen print professional and a non professional.

Screen Printing is done everywhere and anywhere. It seems to be a very easy thing to do.
Everybody can screen print, Yes right and everybody does it.

But why, we see so many different qualities in screen printing?

What makes the difference, from a screen print professional and a non professional screen printer.

The equipment is nearly the same, the technique to, ink go’s trough mesh on shirt. 🙂

The difference is, that the professional screen printer MASTER & CONTROLS THE VARIABLES!

Variable stands for: Likely to change or vary or is changeable.


Let’s have a deeper look at our screen printing department, I listed each department with his variables.

You understand, what it means and where to look at?

I know, this are many variables and this means many options, what you need to control.

Each Variable, will have a parameter to it, to archive the best results.

To get this parameters, you need to make your homework.

And this means, to write every step down each time, with the result you get.

This is what makes the different from a professional and a “normal” screen printer , you would need to understand each variable and the impact it have by changing it.

The good news are, we have tools to measure some variables. What help us to get faster to the parameter and we can assure later,  that we can reproduce it.

The most known tool is properly the Tension Meter, it measure how many Newton we have on a frame.

But there are many more in Screen Printing, for this i will do once a extra posting, to explain them and what they do.

Hope it helps you to understand, what will make you a professional Screen Printer.

If i missed a variable, please let me know, thanks!


A Professional Screen Printer MASTER & CONTROL his variables.


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More then 25 Years in the Screen Printing Business. Living in Mauritius, Nationality : German, Married, two children.

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