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Project Description

CHT #TRANSLAC BOND 55 from Germany

Dispersion, adhesive applicable in screen printing for producing thermotransferable, glossy lacquer and metallic effects on textiles

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Translac Bond 55

Compound of synthetic resin dispersions, thickener system and additives containing hot melt

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Metallic, flock or colour transfers produced with TRANSLAC BOND 55 can be applied on textile qualities with stable surfaces and on other heat-stable substrates.

In order to achieve well transferable motifs with sharp outlines, the substrates applied have to be dry, clean and possibly free from auxiliary rests or preparation  add-ons.

TRANSLAC BOND 55 is printed motif-like on suitable textile substrates and in a second processing step, after drying, a special metallic film in the desired colour is ironed on top of it. After it has cooled down, the film is removed from the textile transferring the metallic layer onto the textile. The adhesive can also be directly printed onto the metallised side of the film. After drying the cut motifs can be ironed onto the textile.
The motif is printed with non thermoplastic pigment pastes (possibly with the addition of TUBASSIST fixing agent). For realising a flock effect, TRANSLAC BOND 55 is printed motif-like at the last position. After drying flock transfer paper is transferred for 20 sec. at 180 °C. The release paper is removed after cooling.
TRANSLAC BOND 55 is dyed and printed onto selected release papers. The mirror-like printed motifs can then be transferred onto textiles or other suitable substrates with the usual transfer presses through heat and pressure. The colour transfer motifs resulting have a limited covering power and can be applied, above all, for quick, simple furnishing effects or fashion articles.

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  • thermoplastic adhesive
  • metal foil transfer at 170°C
  • soft hand
  • GOTS registered
  • for transfer flock print
  • formaldehyde, PVC, phthalate, white spirit free
  • excellent runnability in screen – suitable for half tone printing

CHT Water Based Ink Translac Bond 55

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