About Sefan Mertes

More then 25 Years in the Screen Printing Business. Living in Mauritius, Nationality : German, Married, two children.

S-Mesh Versus T-Mesh | Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute

T-Mesh versus S-Mesh In high-end screen printing, we now use more often the S-Mesh instead the T-Mesh. As it have a better coverage and most printer use it for the under base. But not only for the under base, as specially for water base ink, it shears more easy with less pressure. The result [...]

Pantone Capture the Screen Printing Tool

The Pantone Capture is a tool to control your variables in Screen Printing. It gives you the affirmation that you prepare or print consistency the right pantone color. More about Screen Print Variables and their tools you find here https://www.chilliisland.com/screen-printing/tools-to-master-the-variables/ It is very helpful in detection clients color too, if you receive only a [...]

Pantone Lighting Indicator – Screen Printing Tutorial in 1 Minute

A common error to look at colors, are the wrong light conditions. Pantone came up with the simple tool Pantone Lighting Indicator. It simple shows, if the light conditions are right or wrong. How many time we see clients are complaining, the screen printed color is not right...did they see [...]

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